When I Close My Eyes
Kenny Chesney

I drove up the road to the curve where you died,
I searched for you there....I screamed and I cried.
I hoped to unburden my heavy load,
As I looked for your soul by the side of the road.

I tried to be brave, so I went to your grave.
I shouted your name then waited to hear,
But you never answered in words that were clear.
I thought it was you when the crow made his sound,
As I looked for your soul under the ground.

I picked up a book and read all that I could,
All about God - just to see where you stood.
I looked to the sky, and I cried to you loud,
As I looked for your soul in each passing cloud.

I turned on your music and sang your old songs,
The lyrics might tell me where you had gone.
I thought I heard messages, however unclear,
As I looked for your soul in the notes I could hear.

I could not find where I thought you should be,
But something told me you lived on inside of me.
I finally looked where you were from the start,
I found your soul deep inside my own heart

Author Unknown
Another Day Without

The stillness of the morning wakes me up,
But I don't see
Why the world begins another day
When my son's not here with me.

This house feels strangely silent
And his room, a lonely place
I long to touch his soft brown hair
And kiss his small sweet face.

I'll never get to hear him call out
"Dad, Come see what I just made!"
I'm only left with memories
Please God--don't let them fade.

Deep in my heart, his spirit lives
His laughter, I'll still hear
He'll forever be my little boy
Though I can't hold him near.

Author Unknown