Iron Workers Local 25
By trade Danny was an ironworker, Danny was a third generation
ironworker and was followed by his younger brother Scott.
Beginning with Danny's Granddad Willard Fox, Danny's Father
Danny, & younger brother Scott. They were all very proud of the
title they held. Danny will be sorely missed by all of his
co-workers, they had only good things to say about Danny's work
performance and capabilities. You can click on the Iron worker
link above to read about Local 25.
Danny's brother Scott when he was
younger waiting for Dad in his work gear.
Iron working was in the blood already.
Scott now on job site in Howell MI. 10/06
Danny's Granddad he was an
Iron Worker
Willard Fox
Forever Loved & Missed
Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd
Danny, Scott, Danny Jr,  and  
Iron Worker Buddies at
Danny Sr's retirement party

Building the American Dream

Have you ever looked up at a
towering city skyline and wondered,
“Who built that?”  What about while
you were gazing at the expanse of
the Golden Gate Bridge, the gleam
of the St. Louis Arch, or the massive
height of the Sears Tower?  Ever
thought about who built those?  

You may know that it was proud
union ironworkers who built every
one of those structures.  We also
erect just about every other kind of
building, bridge, or industrial
structure you can name.  That’s
right, every day hardworking,
dedicated ironworkers put sweat,
skill, and savvy into the bridges that
link us together, the stadiums where
we watch our sports heroes play,
and of course, the soaring towers
that scrape the sky.  

Our proud union has been working
for employment opportunities, fair
pay, health and welfare benefits,
continuing education, and other
worker’s rights since 1896.  That’s
over 100 years!  And as we embrace
the future we look forward to
continuing the tradition of serving
our members and their families into
the new century and beyond.
Scott on job site in Howell MI  10/2006