The Letter
The day Danny Jr was born was one of the happiest
days of my life. It was August 9, 1976 at 11 : 40 p.m.
Danny and his Grandma Hartgrove’s birthday fell on
the same day. He was such a beautiful little baby.
Grandma and Dad nick -named Danny "DJ" from the
day he was born,  so some of us called him DJ and
some called him Danny. When I refer to DJ in this
story you will know whom I am speaking of. I wish I
had one more chance to hold him and tell him how
much I love him.
Danny was a very happy baby always laughing and
smiling. This is a funny story: His Aunt Patti and I
were always on the go and Danny was always
hungry. I had a 4-wheel drive truck and it was very
bouncy, and Aunt Patti always fed him, it was a site
to see, we would hit a bump and the spoon would go
wherever and the food would be all over his face.
Patti and I laughed so hard we had so much fun with
We belonged to a 4-wheel drive club we took Danny
with us on some of those events. He loved anything
to do with trucks, cars, and cycles….
When Danny was three his brother Scott was born,
he loved his little brother. He always wanted to hold
him and feed him, he now had a little play mate. We
lived in a little town called Northville out in the country
where the boys could ride their 4-wheeler and stuff
like that, they were always outside building forts and
loosing lots of Dad’s tools I don’t know how many
hammers are out there in the woods!
Both boys were into baseball but they ended up
playing soccer and snow skiing, they belonged to the
ski club in the winter they were both very good at
skiing. The boys made lots of friends.
As a family we always were going Up North to
Hillman Michigan where DJ’s Grandma and Grandpa
Hartgrove had a summer place. DJ absolutely loved
it up there it was his place where he could just be free
and be spoiled by his Grandparents. He loved them
dearly they did a lot together.
Up there the kids played their little hearts out, they
rode there bikes, road 4-wheelers, and fished a lot.  
When they got older that is where they went deer
Granny, DJ's Great Grandma, always sat in the
kitchen in a chair in front of the window where she
could see the kids play and fish she enjoyed watching
the children and the humming birds that were right
there in the window. Granny read to the kids a lot, my
boys favorite book was Snow White,  and I still have
that very same book, I think Granny read it 1000
Danny’s Dad and I divorced when the boys were
older and we all went our separate ways and did our
own things. It is nice that we still keep in touch.
One day in November 2001,  DJ asked me to come
over to help him fill out some medical papers. I went
over to his house and we went into his bedroom, he
bent down and popped up with a baby kitty and of
course I thought it was the cutest thing I ever saw. He
said Mom it is yours to keep. I know how sad you
were when Precious died and I wanted you to have
another kitty. She was born on September 11, 2001
so she is special in two ways to me.
Danny was a very caring, loving, handsome young
man, with a wonderful since of humor and was a
great storyteller. Danny was a caring, loving son.
I am so thankful to have had Danny in my life for 25
years, I miss him more and more every day that
passes and long to hold him in my arms. Until that
day comes I will keep his memory alive, he will never
be forgotten and always loved.
Danny has a son that he has never seen and neither
have I. I hope to one day see him and tell him all
about his Daddy.

We will love you forever,
Mom, Dad and Scott
My Heart Will Go On
Celine Dion