Happy Valentines Day Danny
We Love and Miss You
Danny's first Valentine, he was 6
months old. February 14, 1977

I would like to send a letter to heaven
and address it to the one I love.
My child has left this world,
to be with the Lord above.

I would tell him that I love him,
and that I miss his loving touch.
I would say we’re lost without him
and we miss him - - oh so much.

I would ask if he could visit,
if we promised not to cry.
Maybe one more time to see him
We forgot to say "Good-bye."

We will try to control our emotions
we truly feel we could.
So please - - we need a visit.
We promise we'll be good.

It is so hard, we miss him.
Oh Lord, this feeling is the worst.
We know you gave him to us,
yes, we know you had him first.

But you called him prematurely,
I'm sorry I question your will.
I know you have your reasons
but Lord - - I miss him still.

If you'd only make an exception
please consider what we plea.
It is so hard accepting that our son
- - We will never see.

Oh baby I write you this letter
with all the love there is to be had.
Because it's just not me who's hurting
there's your brother and your dad.

We need so much to see you,
then we'll try to let you rest.
But if not in this world, baby,
then we'll see you in the next.

So I’m sending a letter to heaven,
and pray you hear my plea.
But if the answer is not what I’m asking --
Lord come and rescue me!
(Paula Osipovitch)
(Copyright c.1998, used with permission)